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Preparing for a new baby can be exciting and overwhelming. You paint the bedroom, decorate the space,

Preparing for a Newborn

Preparing for a newborn can be both exciting and overwhelming. You paint your bedroom, decorate the space, set up a crib and steam clean your carpets. Wait, did I just read that right? Yes, steam cleaning of carpets is often overlooked but is very beneficial to do before your baby arrives. Think about it, all … Continue reading Preparing for a Newborn

Buyers are sold on clean carpets January 15th, 2020

When it comes time to sell your house, it’s natural to relive the memories you’ve made there that time breakfast in bed toppled to the floor, the months you spent puppy training, bub’s painting project that didn’t quite stay on the page. Life’s messy, and many of the memories we make in our homes spell wear and tear for our poor old carpets. While potential buyers understand this, they’re also far more likely to buy a home with fresh clean carpets. Here’s why:

A clean slate
A new home represents a fresh start for a family, and newly-cleaned carpets are the perfect way to present a blank canvas to potential buyers. The feel, look and smell of clean carpets let potential buyers know that the home is ready to move into, creating not only a welcoming
feeling but a sense of urgency, too!

A healthy home
If you’ve ever let your vacuuming slide for a few days, you’ll know just how much dust and dirt can accumulate in a short period of time. In order to avoid putting off a potential buyer with odours – or worse, allergies and asthma – it’s essential to put your best rug forward.

Vacuuming isn’t enough
When we live with a carpet day in, day out, we tend to forget what colour it once was – until we move furniture, and it comes flooding back! A professional carpet clean can work wonders to restore your floors to their former glory, helping them to appear more evenly coloured and worn, and feel more plush, projecting a greater sense of value. Investing in the services of a quality, professional carpet cleaner when you’re moving home will bring cleanliness and luxury to your home, ensuring potential buyers can see themselves enjoying many years of their own thrills – and spills – there.
This article was written in conjunction with office removals and storage company Hire A Mover .

Whats in a carpet cleaning van? January 4th, 2020

Carpet cleaning van

This question comes up fairly often so Ill take my best stab at answering it. What is in a carpet cleaning van? The short answer is that it depends, they’re all different. Every time I visit a home for a job Im more than happy to show my equipment to a customer. The aim of the truckmount is to be a fully mobile cleaning powerhouse. I have two 2 125 Litre fresh water tanks, so I wont be needing to access to water on site. 1 Large 120 Litre recovery tank, which allows me to haul all the dirty water way from a job site for proper disposal. There are 300 ft of high pressure hoses and 300 ft of vacuum hoses which allow me to access the carpets inside the largest homes and even 2nd or 3rd storey apartments. Most of the cleaning agents are from ProChem, the industries most respected chemical supplier ensuring the cleaning agents I use on your carpets are both effective and safe.

Apex 570 inside DizzleDazzle carpet cleaning van
Apex 570 dizzle dazzle truck mount

The heart of the van and the machine which does all the cleaning is a Apex 570. Powered by a liquid-cooled cast iron Kubota engine, this truckmount uses the patented Sapphire Scientific triple-source thermal well system to deliver consistent high heat. Cerakote ceramic coating lowers the heat radiation on all exhaust components by more than 30%—extends truckmount life and helps to keep van interiors cooler. This is the machine which does all the heavy lifting. If you youre ever interested in seeing the van when were at a site feel free to ask, we are more than happy to show you our equipment.

Carpet Cleaning Airbnb – December 15th, 2019

Managing Airbnbs come with a unique set of challenges: coordinating guest bookings, managing prices, getting things cleaned on time, fixing and repairing damages, snow removal etc it is easy to overlook steam cleaning, however it is one of the most beneficial activities you can do as a host. Cleanliness ratings are important and guests are very critical of a place that is deemed unclean. Having a clean STR(short term rental) messages to your guests that you take pride in managing your property and from experience guests are much more gentler on squeaky clean property. To illustrate the point imagine you area guest at a home with a light coloured carpet with no stains on it, you will make sure take your shoes off before you even think about stepping on that carpet. Now imagine for a second a few stains on a carpet near the door, your guests will probably assume others have already stepped on your carpet with their shoes on and they will do as as well. This will quickly spiral out of control and you’ll find yourself in a situation where everyone keeps their shoes on 100% of the time. No matter how well the rest of the home is cleaned you will not be able to ignore the mess under their feet. Regular steam carpet maintenance can help prevent this.

What about mattresses? You have spent good money buying the best sheets, making sure their laundered and smelling fresh. However if you have a mattress that has some unfortunate stains on it and your guests see it, they will feel icky about their experience no matter how well you maintained every other part of the home. Regular steam cleaning of you matters will keep them lasting longer, wont have build up which may be impossible to clean and will improve the quality of air inside you home. And if by chance your guests decide to strip the sheets themselves they’ll will be happy to find a clean white mattress underneath. Having worked with many Airbnb hosts I understand the challenges they face and am welcome to provide them with some ideas on how often they should schedule their cleaning for carpets, upholstery and mattresses.

Moving Day – December 26th, 2019

Everyone knows moving can be hectic. Between endless packing, deciding what you’re going to throw out, scheduling movers and coordinating meeting with lawyers or your new landlords it seems like there is a never ending list of things to do. Because of this it may be easy to overlook mattress and upholstery cleaning before you move. However it is the most beneficial time to do it. Think about it, why bring all your old dirt to you new house.

Professional mattress steam cleaning London Ontario

Having your mattress and furniture professionally cleaned in your old home will help keep your new place cleaner longer. Steaming your furniture will sanitize and kill off any bacteria or other nasties living in your fabrics. It will help keep any odours from lingering in your home and will improve the overall air quality which you will be surrounded in. We spend a third of our lives on our mattress and most people have a set it and forget it attitude toward mattress cleaning. Proper mattress maintenance through steam cleaning will help fight allergens, dust mites and even mold.

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