Dizzle Dazzle Solutions

Upholstery Cleaning 

We use hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, to handle upholstery-related damages, from normal use to exceptionally tough stains. Service, expedience, and reliability are our primary concern.

Our Process


We determine the type of fabric that needs to be cleaned.


We thoroughly vacuum to recover all dry and loose soil before any cleaning product is applied.

Apply Product

We use an eco-friendly product that is fit for the specific fabric type. This will break down the soil, oil and any spots.


As you know many upholstery fabrics are very delicate and require great care. We use a hand tool that is made of soft horse hair in order to not damage your upholstery.


We use our truck mount with the upholstery tool attachment to thoroughly rinse with hot water and extract the dirt and soil.


We use our air movers for quick drying. Will be dry and ready to use in about 1-4 hours.

  Final Inspection

We go over our work to ensure you are satisfied with the results.

Before & After