Steam Carpet Cleaning in London, Ontario

If you want to bring new life to your carpets trust Dizzle Dazzle to get the job done

If you want to get your carpets clean, there is no doubt that you should call Dizzle Dazzle Solutions. Why? The answer is very simple: we have years of experience in the field, so we know everything there is to know about how to properly clean your carpets. +Plus we offer a great service at a fair price.

We have proven techniques that clean deeply in your carpet’s fibers, removing all dirt and making them clean and odorless. After you have your carpets cleaned by us, you and your family will enjoy the benefits of a cleaner breath easier and healthier home or business.

Our guaranteed system will get rid of all dirt from your carpets, but it will also eliminate any bacteria, allergens, soil, pollutants, and any other unwanted thing that could harm you or your family’s health. We offer you a 100% guaranteed satisfaction with our service that includes addressing any possible issues happening during or after service.

Steam Cleaning benefits include:

  • Removal of odours
  • Removal of stains caused by food or drink spillage
  • Restoring the carpet’s original texture
  • Improving discolouration of the carpet fibres
  • Removing mould
  • Minimizing allergens
  • Extending the life of the carpet
  • Improving the overall look and feel of the carpet
  • General upkeep and maintenance of the carpet

What We Do

Steam Cleaning

We start by vacuuming and brushing your carpet to remove any excess hair. Although your carpet maybe be vacuumed regularly our industrial vacuum ensures all dirt is removed prior to treatment. We Pre spray your carpet using industry leading ProChem pre sprays which are powerful and safe. Using cheap chemicals is how companies cut corners which may end up being harmful to your home environment. Once our chemicals have settled in we use simultaneously steam and extract to any left over residue left on your carpets leaving them clean for you to enjoy.

Spot Removal

Some spots may be more stubborn than other. We understand the chemistry behind these stubborn spots and that makes us confident that if we cant remove them, nobody can. We are experts in ,wine spot removal, ink spot removal, pet stain removal, blood spot removal and any food related stains.

Organic Carpet Cleaning

If you are overly sensitive to cleaning products or have young children or pets in your home it is recommended that you use our eco cleaning option. We use a salt based cleaner which is completely environmentally friendly and wont cause any reaction. Because this cleaner is not as powerful as our regular products it is recommended that it is done on more frequent intervals than regular cleaning and it is no recommended for heavily stained carpets.

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