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Everyone loves to keep the furnishings fresher, cleaner, brighter for longer. But it is very hard to do so in a family with kids, and pets. The furniture, carpet and rugs are more likely to get stained when you have guests, friends, or relatives at your home or even if there’s a small gathering. Furniture is very tough to be saved from staining due to liquid spillage, overturned beverages by your children or any pet activities.

While it makes you feel stressed out with so much of stain-removal work on hand, using a professional helping hand is always a solution in such a scenario. Dizzle Dazzle offers Stain Guard treatment using Scotchgard for your furniture. Professionally applying this treatment is simply the best way to protect your home against major stains.

Benefits of Stainguard

Stain Guard treatment with ScotchGard allows you to “not worry” and lets you enjoy your home and all the lovely furnishings that go in it! The soil and stain repellents help protect against the common staining and soiling situations that come along with today’s busy living. Stain Guard treatment creates an invisible barrier which repels dry soil and spills helping to keep them from being absorbed into the fabric and allowing you to wipe them up easier.

This treatment will allow the upholstery to breath. It will neither affect the color nor will it leave your fabrics hard or brittle. With Stain Guard treatment using ScotchGard almost everything is protected from any sort of staining. You can live life, entertain and relax because you have the peace of mind that comes from having your furnishings protected.


Your dining room chairs in your home will see every type of food and drink stain. Dining room chairs are like magnets for food and drink stain especially when you have children in your home. Unlike most carpets manufactured today upholstered chairs do not come with any kind of fabric stain or water protection. For this reason routine spill management can become a daunting task and eventually you will need professional cleaning services to help you get rid of stains.

Stainguard will make your stain management a breeze. After Stainguard application your chairs will get permanent stain and water repellence. Stainguard repels food stains like chocolate milk, orange soda, tomato juice, red wine, coffee and even oil. Do not hesitate and give us a call to schedule your appointment for the best stain protection available on the market.


What distinguishes Stainguard from its competitors is that unlike other silicone based or flourochemical based protectors that create temporary barrier for stain protection Stainguard provides permanent stain barrier.  This is due to advanced nanotechnology which allows MicroSeal to completely penetrate fiber and will not seal in anything non-fibrous, so fabric / carpet does not have to be clean before application unlike most other protectors. Because of this Stainguard will survive many professional cleanings and normal wear without the need to ever be reapplied.

Stainguard unlike other stain protectors will not change the feel or the color of the fabric. This is due to advanced nanotechnology which allows Stainguard to penetrate and seal the individual fibers. Unlike other protectors which will provide an infusible shield on top of the fibbers Stainguard gives each individual fiber its own invisible shield from inside out.

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