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1 Easy Step to Remove Pet Odours From Carpets


Remove Pet Odour From Carpet


Noticeable odour is a common problem in homes with pets, particularly homes with cats. With accidents frequently happening the accompanying smell is almost inevitable. The nightmare is made worse when you add carpets to the mix. Leaving pet owners asking the question how do I remove pet odour from my carpets?  It seems almost impossible. Unless the cat urine can be completely removed from the actual fabric itself, complete pet odour removal is unlikely.

There are plenty of television ads that claim otherwise and the supermarket shelves are full of retail products that promise to combat pet odours, but they usually merely mask the odour … and often times just temporarily. If the carpets are not cleaned properly and the urine is not removed completely the  odour will almost always return, which leads to you going to the store to purchase more of their product. That’s profitable for them, but doesn’t solve your problem very well at all.

The problem is not the urine alone. The real problems lies with what it leaves behind. Animal enzymes are what leave those foul odour lingering for days, weeks, even months. Dizzle Dazzle Solutions has a variety of tools and chemicals to not only stop the smell dead in its tracks, but to actually break down the odour causing bacteria enzymes and remove them right from the source. Pet enzymes may be the reason for the smells lingering but we have an effective method to combat not only that but many pet-related household problems. We are rated London Ontario’s best carpet cleaners!!


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