Preparing for a Newborn

Preparing for a newborn can be both exciting and overwhelming. You paint your bedroom, decorate the space, set up a crib and steam clean your carpets. Wait, did I just read that right? Yes, steam cleaning of carpets is often overlooked but is very beneficial to do before your baby arrives. Think about it, all the dirt, dust and allergens have been building up since your last cleaning. Regular maintenance like vacuuming helps of course, but a professional steam cleaning does so much more. On top of removing stains, dust and allergens the steam will also sterilize the carpets from any bacteria that might be living on or under the surface.

At Dizzle Dazzle in London Ontario, we offer a green cleaning service which uses gentler than are regularly used which wont cause reactions to anyone who is sensitive to cleaning agents. We want you to be confident that when your newborn baby is crawling around on your carpets you don’t have to worry about anything that might end up on their skin or or in their mouths. Your carpet also acts like one big filter for your home capturing dust as it flows through the air. Like a regular filter maintenance is crucial making sure the air quality of your home is at its best. Often times you will notice dust settling around the edges of the room. This is a tell tale sign change your air filter and steam your carpets. Lastly, when your baby arrives dont forget to take some amazing photographs. Feel free to check out our New born photography partners in Northern Virginia, bloom images.

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